Exercise equipment for a seriously good living room workout

Finding time for a workout can often be tricky, and when you can't make it to the gym and the weather is putting you off that run or cycle you had planned, the prospect seems even less appealing. But what about the ability to break a sweat in your own home? Now that we're all most likely going to be spending much more time 'en casa'  there's never been a better time to invest in some home workout equipment. So, whether you're getting sweaty in your living room or garage, smashing a HIIT, Pilates or strength workout, the right home exercise equipment makes it all possible. That and a strong coffee. To help, we’ve rounded up the best gear to minimize even the best-intentioned excuses. Time to sweat...


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1. Kettlebell

JaxJox, Kettlebell Connect 2.0


With your individual fitness goals in mind, this adjustable kettlebell features six weights in one handy tool. Using advanced patented technology, you can switch from as little as 5.5kg to 19kg in seconds – making it the perfect piece of equipment to progress with. Add to that in-app reporting and fitness tracking for maximum results.

JaxJox, Kettlebell Connect 2.0, £239.99


2. Resistance bands

USA PRO, Woven Resistance Band Set,


This trio of closed-loop resistance bands are geared towards developing your strength by pushing your muscles to the next level. Start from low and work your way up to high resistance, pairing with leg workouts, arm exercises and cool-down stretches.

USA PRO, Woven Resistance Band Set,£12.99


3. Ankle and wrist weights

BALA, Anklewrist Wgt Ld00ghts


Strap these onto your wrists or ankles for that added extra burn during your HIIT session, daily walk or Zoom yoga class. Their contemporary design in the heather colourway makes them all the more tempting, and your glutes or biceps will definitely thank you for it later.

BALA, Anklewrist Wgt Ld00, £40.00


4. Yoga Block

USA PRO, Yoga Block


For a heightened sense of being in a real studio, this lightweight yoga block is ideal for downward facing dog in your living room. Prop up your back, head or hips to alleviate any minor aches and pains and ensure you make it through your flow with ease..

USA PRO,Yoga Block, £3.99


5. Skipping rope

Everlast, Leather Skipping Rope


They're not just for the playground - trust us, a skipping rope can really raise your heart rate, not to mention provide some entertainment. We love this leather set from Everlast, which provide maximum grip – perfect for speed training. Just make sure you have plenty of room.

Everlast, Leather Skipping Rope, £7.99


6. Dumbbell

USA PRO Hand Weight


Sleek, ergonomic design in your palms each and every session. Created in soft hues of blue and grey, they’ll look just as sleek on the shelf as they will on your mat. Coming in various light weights, they’re perfect for adding to barre workouts and body weight training for an extra push.

USA PRO, Hand Weight, from £6.50


7. Gym ball

Reebok, Stability Gymball


No at-home gym is complete without the addition of a gym ball. Keep your balance in check whilst targeting your core; toning your stomach and back to improve posture and stability. Plus, the weighted base keeps it from rolling, so it can even double up as your new office chair come work time.

Reebok, Stability Gymball, £17.99 


8. Yoga mat

Casall, Yoga grip mat


A good mat is the bread and butter of a great workout set up, and Casall's yoga grip mat is fit for the task. Made from natural materials, this matt is eco friendly, so you can work out and do your bit for the planet. It features lightweight construction and grip technology, all you have to do is get ready to achieve your best workout yet. 
,Casall Yoga Grip Mat, £100.00