Creating your self-care sanctuary

With the flurry of festivities coming to a close, there’s no denying that hibernation season is upon us. We’re retreating, regrouping and celebrating everything that’s wonderful about the rest of winter – starting with a much-needed home refresh.

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Barware on tray with eucalpytus leaves

Dealing with the decs

We’re not suggesting you leave the tree up beyond twelfth night, but there are a few versatile – and far less controversial – Christmas fixtures that it seems a shame to pack away so soon. Here’s what to save from the attic (and how to store your space-consuming gifts).

Fairy lights: There’s nothing quite like the twinkling glow of string lights to set a mood - they’re a hygge favourite for good reason. Take them off the tree and wind inside a lantern, instead.

Candles: Evocative scents like gingerbread and pine might be passé come the 26th, but we’re not sold on the idea that warming winter notes like fig, ginger and cedar wood are just for Christmas.

Foliage: Minus the red berries and pinecones, winter foliage has appeal far beyond the festive period. Remove the baubles from a garland or breathe new life into a wreath with silk flowers and feathers.

Books: Shelf fit to burst? Stack your most interesting hardbacks on a sideboard or mantelpiece, store in the dead space under a bed, invest in a magazine rack - or simply give your well-thumbed reads to a charity shop.

Food: Organise these according to sell by date. Scoff the handmade gifts first – they mean the most (and won’t last). Next up are biscuits, followed by sealed jams and chutneys. Chocolate is at its best for up to 12 months.

For the rest, take a few extra minutes on some simple storage ideas. Seal baubles in sandwich bags, wind extra Christmas lights around a coat hanger and label as much as you can - your future self will thank you come next year.

Cosy corner with red cushion and candles

Creating a cosy ‘me’ space

Once you’ve restored some order and reset the scene to something resembling life pre-Christmas, it’s time for a refresh. It’s all about creating a cosy space to inhabit as those wonderfully lazy weekends stretched out in front of you.

Clutter: If there’s one thing the Marie Kondos of the world all agree on, it’s that you can’t relax in a muddled space. Don’t lose sight of the thought and effort behind that pile of presents – just make it an excuse to invest in smarter storage. Sets of boxes will stack, whilst fabric bags and baskets can flex to fit in tricky corners.

Colour: Nothing creates visual calm like commitment to one or two key colours. Whilst grey is still our go-to, sage green, dusky pink and pops of russety red are warm without being overwhelming. And forget blue’s melancholy connotations – soothing tones like denim drift are still going strong.

Texture: Chunky knits, faux fur and velvet finishes are all hygge hits, but wood and rustic textures are just as important. Don’t resist the urge to camp out in that cashmere jumper for the foreseeable – it’s what the colder months were made for.

Lighting: Good lighting has year-round appeal, but matters most in winter. Switch the overhead light off and look to the pools of light cast by table and floor lamps for warmth – layering your lighting will de-age your space in no time.

Take time to enjoy your newly decluttered den, too. Long brunches involving bucks fizz might be behind us, but breakfast in bed is a simple joy that can be as easy or extravagant as you like.

January calendar with foliage

Beating the January blues

We get it. Christmas is over, the cold weather is very much not and it’s no longer acceptable to consume your weight in Terry’s chocolate orange – it’s easy to feel less than enthused about January. But here’s why it’s not all bad.

Longer days: The shortest day is past us, and whilst summer isn’t exactly just around the corner, if you’re more ‘spring fling’ than ‘Christmas crazy’, you’re on the home stretch – and you might even get to leave the office in the light soon. Oh how we’ve missed you, vitamin D.

Slow living: With all three work Christmas parties out of the way, weekends are officially your own again. The sales are on too – and it’s never been easier to indulge from your sofa (if there’s anything left in your account, that is).

A clean slate: Feeling guilty about festive over-indulgence? That’s no fun. Consider this your opportunity to reset your intentions, even if you can’t reset the scale. And who doesn’t love investing in a new diary?

Actual music: The reign of Mariah Carey, Shakin’ Stevens and George Michael over every shop, supermarket and office is in recess for another year. Whilst we’ll miss them - and the annual Baby, It’s Cold Outside fallout - we also kind of miss music that doesn’t have jingling bells in the background. Bring on the great radio restoration.

Film season: January (and February) never fails to supply a host of strategically-timed Oscars hopefuls, and there’s always something hotly tipped at Sundance. With Christian Bale in the Dick Cheney biopic, Olivia Coleman’s turn as Queen Anne and – most importantly – the Lego Movie sequel, there’s plenty worth the price of popcorn.

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