Create a hygge sanctuary 


Introduce some simplistic Scandi chicness into your space and achieve a hygge state of mind. Us Brits have taken quite a liking to this Danish noun, which has no real direct translation, but as a finalist for the 2016 word of the year it’s still more than alive and kicking in 2021. With connotations of relaxation, comfort and contentment, soothe yourself this winter and adopt the hygge way of life by upgrading your homeware.

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Step 1: Declutter

Clutter is overwhelming, stressful and the complete opposite of hygge. You don't have to go full on Marie Kondo to achieve optimal hygge levels, but a little declutter won't hurt. A tidy and organised home will allow you to focus on yourself and relax without any distractions. Mess is stress, repeat after us.


  • First things first, have a good sort out. Aim to keep flat surfaces (like your coffee or bedside table) free of clutter. These will be your essentials-only areas. Stash away the things you don’t reach for on a day-to-day basis and remember, every item needs to have a dedicated home to help you keep things neat. 


  • Invest in smart storage solutions like sets of boxes and fabric bags to line cupboards and utilise awkward spaces. Fortunately, gone are the days when plastic boxes were your only option. Make use of texture with woven and canvas baskets, upcycle vintage trays and tins for storing toiletries, and use glass jars for desk essentials.  

  • Make use of your vertical space with trend-led shelves and hooks. We recommend hanging up pots and pans, putting shelving above door frames, and creating a design feature of floating shelves above a bed. 


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Step 2: Refresh your interiors

Once you've organised your surroundings and your home is free of clutter, it's time to hit the refresh button (aka, update your decor). The goal is to create a space that's as visually calm and comforting as possible – your home should be your safe haven, after all. 

  • No loud colours here. It’s all about calm and serenity, so commit to a neutral colour scheme. Grey and cream are still our go-tos but charcoal grey and chocolate are great for giving the room a sense of depth. Don't shy away from warmer tones such as dusky pink and rusty red either – they'll add a comforting warmth to your space without feeling overwhelming.

  • Mix and match different textures to add character. Chunky knits, faux fur and velvet finishes are all hygge staples, but natural materials like wood and wool are just as important to get that rustic feel. Cosiness is really the key here, so pile on those fluffy pillows, soft throws and layers of blankets to create a sense of indulgence. To add visual interest to a room, try layering different sized rugs on top of each other.

  • Good lighting is important all year round, but matters most in winter when the lack of daylight can really get the better of us. Layered lighting has an extra cosy appeal, so switch the overhead light off and fill the room with overlapping pools of light created by table and floor lamps. Dig out those fairy lights, too there’s nothing quite like the twinkling glow of string lights to set a mood.


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Step 3: Consider the extras

Now that you've given your house a hygge makeover, consider some small additions that'll take your home to new cosy heights and give you full permission to loaf. 

  • Scented candles really are a blessing. Look out for notes like cinnamon, ginger and cedar wood and use different scents in different areas of your house to create a bit of an olfactory journey.  

  • Perhaps it’s time to introduce some fresh cut flowers to your home – a fool proof (and super easy) way of adding life (and oxygen) into your space. If you’re not into the long-term commitment houseplants require, regularly introduce fresh foliage into your space instead. Eucalyptus stems are a favourite of ours, they stay fresh for around three weeks, so you’ll be needing a chic glass vase to prop them up in.

  • But really, it’s all about creating a space that feels like home. The cosiest spaces are always about you, so fill the shelves with books that inspire you, showcase your favourite LPs and cover the walls with art prints and photographs from trips abroad. Let your home reflect you, and hygge bliss will follow.


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