The back to work guide

Summer has started to slip away, the days are getting shorter and the air’s getting colder - and this means it’s time to start updating your autumn wardrobe. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From the latest styles to the most in demand new products, here’s everything you need to know about autumn workwear, no matter what your office dress code.

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Summer allows everyone to dress a bit more casually - when it comes to heat, comfort is key. But as autumn approaches, it’s time to put lightweight officewear to the back of the closet and go back to basics. As the temperature changes, there’s no better time than autumn to invest in a new suit. And as it’s best to leave a suit for two days in between wears, it just makes sense to add another to your wardrobe.

If your dress code is smart we recommend keeping it simple, neutral and classic. With suits, the fit is everything, so pay close attention to how the suit is tailored. The cuff of your jacket should sit no lower than the base of your palm, and your jacket should be long enough to fully cover your seat. Trousers should fall to the top of your shoe, unless you’re going for a more modern tapered fit, like with a loafer or a trainer. For a smart dress code, we recommend adding a waist coat, to make your look feel complete.