Speedy Christmas day beauty tips 

On Christmas Day, in between hosting, cooking and drinking, it's no surprise that our beauty indulgences have to take a back seat. So, for when you're caught up in the festivities, this is how to keep up appearances.


In a rush? Ensure you use a sheerer base than you usually would. Heavy formulas with fuller coverage are more difficult to blend and therefore require more time to apply.

To save on fussing with bronzer and highlight, once you have dispensed your foundation onto your hand, mix it with a couple of drops of a liquid highlight and apply it all over the face. The drops will make skin appear awakened and instantly illuminated. A small act that goes a long way.

Finally, to combat signs of inevitable fatigue, opt for a salmon-toned concealer. Pinky tones should be used to cover dark areas such as under the eyes and around the nose. Pot-based options like Nars Cosmetics Soft Matte Complete Concealer, £24, are really easy to apply and can be used all over the face.

Eyes & Lashes

Eye shadow sticks and liquid shadows are serious game-changers when it comes to saving time. Swipe one matte shade all over the lid and, without blending, apply a darker shade into the outer corners and up into the crease if desired. Then, using your ring finger, dab and blend the two formulas together, extending the dark shade outwards and underneath the lower lash line.

If you still crave more but don't have the time to perfect a winged liner, take a kohl pencil and very lightly dot liner along the upper lash line to give the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes. If you desire a bolder look, you can also apply it to the lower water and lash line. Blend with your little finger.

To finish, starting from the root, give your lashes two to three licks of a voluminous, curling mascara, making sure the wand grabs every lash on the way. Apply to the bottom lashes first to avoid smudging.


With more and more women taking pride in their brows, gone are the days of lightly dragging a brow pencil through them, with a whole host of brow products calling out for attention. When it comes to Christmas Day, however, there's simply no time to spend hours brushing, fluffing, shading and setting.

While most of us have grown to rely on filling our brows in with powder and pencil, you'd be surprised at just how well a tinted gel can work on its own. Starting from the bottom of the brow, drag a clean spooly in an upwards zig-zagging motion until the hairs are all brushed upwards. Then, take a tinted gel and apply lightly, again in an upwards motion, neatening the ends and setting them into place as you work your way along. It takes minutes and creates the illusion of full, fluffy brows.

If you have fair hair or areas that need a little filling-in, before you apply the gel, lightly fill any gaps with a pencil or powder kit. Simply brushing your brows upwards creates a simple and easy-to-follow guide that will save you any time-consuming brow disasters.




Switch the usual Christmas red for a more wearable nude. Buttery lipsticks apply smoothly and a nude-based shade means you don't have to worry about precision.

Still want to go for a bold lip? While there's no such thing as a perfect 10-second red lip, there are some things that can be done to make your life a whole lot easier. And the best bit? Spending an extra five minutes on a red lip means that you can forgo eye makeup. A perfect complexion and a killer lip are all you need to look pulled together.

First, dab your lips with concealer (the same you use on your face is fine), to give the lipstick a strong base and serious staying power. Then, apply the lipstick straight from the bullet, to the middle of your lips, steering clear of the edges. To avoid constant touch-ups, go for a long-lasting matte finish. Finally, with your little finger, blend carefully to the edge of your lips for an on-trend smudged look.


Whether your hair is squeaky clean or one-day-old, spray some dry shampoo liberally onto the roots and work in with your fingers to give instant volume and staying power.

Then, take sections of various thicknesses and, using straighteners, loosely curl the ends. The key with this style is to ensure you're not too careful and that you don't overthink it. You won't need to spend any longer than 10 minutes with the straighteners.

This undone look will keep you looking glam all day and if it starts to drop out, another hit of dry shampoo will provide an instant lift.

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