6 perfect spring scents for her

Looking for a fresher, lighter perfume for spring? Luckily we have some delicious fragrances that fit the bill. From the latest Jimmy Choo offering to your new staple from Creed, get ready to update your fragrance wardrobe with the season's freshest scents.

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Tom Ford Rose Prick

Tom Ford

With notes of three different roses (May, Turkish and Bulgarian), you probably already have a good idea of how this scent plays out, but in true Tom Ford style it has a sophisticated woody and spicy side too. If that doesn't intrigue you, the chic pink bottle and the name definitely will.

Tom Ford Rose Prick Eau de Parfum, £218


Jimmy Choo I Want Choo

Jimmy Choo I Want Choo

Created to celebrate the power of a girls' night night, Jimmy Choo's latest addition combines the sparkling citrus top notes of mandarin with soft, velvety peach and a rich, vanilla base. The result? An intense, sensual scent that will instantly transport you back to the dance floor.  

Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau de Parfum, £45


Dior Rose 'N'Roses

Dior Rose N'Roses

If you're looking for a fragrance that's truly reminiscent of springtime, this is it. The latest addition to the Miss Dior franchise is a fresh, modern take on a rose perfume, with notes of bergamot and mandarin for a subtle citrus twist.

Miss Dior Rose N'Roses Eau De Toilette, £65


Creed Love In White

Creed Love In White

Inspired by driving through the blossoming tree-lined streets of Provence in spring, Love In White is exactly what you'd expect: fresh and floral with notes of orange, daffodils, rose and iris - all of the year's first blooms in one bottle. 

Creed Love in White Eau de Parfum, £130


Calvin Klein CK Everyone

CK Everyone

You might remember CK One as the unisex fragrance we all wanted in the '90s. Everyone is the next chapter, and has been created to symbolise inclusivity and freedom of expression. It's light and aquatic with notes of blue tea, orange essential oils and ginger.

Calvin Klein CK Everyone Eau de Toilette, £48


Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede

Jo Malone London Peony and Blush Suede Cologne

Peonies famously only bloom from late April to early June, making them the ultimate spring-time bud. It's no wonder than this is the basis of Jo Malone London's scent, along with a bit of red apple, jasmine, rose and soft, blush suede. 

Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Cologne, £100