Self-care products that'll make you feel good 

The best kind of night? A self-care night where you take a whole evening to pamper yourself. The start of the new year marks a chance for new beginnings and new habits, and this year self-care is a top priority. So, it’s a good thing we’ve rounded up eight of the best self-care products for a perfect, pampering night in. Add to basket and enjoy…




1. Rio Diffuser - Humidifier and Night Light

 Rio, Diffuser, Humidifier and Night Light

First things first, it’s time to set the scene. And the Alora Aroma is the way to do it – a diffuser, humidifier and night light all in one, it will instantly create a relaxed, soothing environment in your home.

Rio, Diffuser, Humidifier and Night Light £26.00


2. Jo Malone London - Lavender and Moonflower Pillow Mist

Jo Malone London, Lavender and Moonflower Pillow Mist

Before you get into bed or settle into the sofa, give your room, dressing gown and pillows a spritz of this mist. A tranquil blend of lavender and moonflower, it aids relaxation, helping to ease your nerves and clear your mind from the stresses of life. Deep breath and relax.

Jo Malone London, Lavender and Moonflower Pillow Mist £38.00


3. Dr. Ed - Calm Bath Salts

Paul Smith Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

A highly natural, fizzy bath mixture infused with premium CBD and organic essential oils to help soothe the mind before or after a trying day. Enriched with a blend of luxurious essential oils and plant extracts including lavender, bergamot and rosewood as well as 60mg of premium cannabidiol per container extracted from hemp plants carefully grown in sunny California.

Dr. Ed Calm Bath Salts, £24.99


4. 111 Skin - Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask Single

111 Skin, Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask Single


A one-way ticket to better skin and a relaxing evening, a luxurious face mask should be a staple of your self-care routine. We recommend the Overnight Mask from 111 Skin, it features a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, it boosts your skin barrier leaving skin plumper and brighter.

111 Skin, Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask Single, £28.00

5. Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer 

Armani Exchange Quartz Mens Watch


There's a reason why this hair mask is a cult classic. Infused with olive oil, it locks in moisture whilst hydrolysed elastin strengthens and adds elasticity to the hair. The perfect treat for dry, damaged or dehydrated hair. 

Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer £35.00

6. La Mer - The Body Crème

Levi's® Hebron Belt



We so often forget body care but a night-in is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself from head to toe. Our go-to? This rich body cream instantly comforts and renews skin’s appearance by coating skin in a veil of long-lasting, deep hydration. Oh and of course, it's enriched with the brand's signature Miracle Broth™ for an extra luxurious experience. 

La Mer The Body Crème £185.00


7. Skin Gym - Rose Quartz Crystal Sculpty Heart Gua Sha Tool

Creed Viking Cologne

If lack of sleep, a busy schedule or dehydration has left you feeling a bit... puffy. Then it's time to incorporate a gua sha into your wellness routine. Made of rose quartz which is known for its healing properties, this tool helps to massage tired muscles and encourages lymphatic drainage, stress and tension. We know it's supposed to be exclusively for your face but we like to use it all over our bodies with our favourite body oil - especially after a big gym day. 

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Sculpty Heart Gua Sha Tool, £42.00


8. Estée Lauder - Advanced Night Repair Serum

Estée Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Serum


If glowing, hydrated, youthful looking skin sounds good to you then the Advanced Night Repair Serum by Estée Lauder is a must buy. Made with Hyaluronic Acid which is known for being super hydrating and the brands exclusive Chronolux Power Signal Technology, this serum works overnight to reduce signs of ageing. Apply before bed and enjoy sweet dreams of beautiful skin…

Estée Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Serum £65.00